My name is Roy McFaddin and I’m the owner of this website, keychainrapturekit.com. God is leading me to duplicate the “RaptureKit” flashdrive and offer them at no charge, (go to https://rapturekit.org for full explanation of this Christian resource). This is very personal to me (I have unsaved family members) and I urgently want them (and many others) to have this resource ASAP.

Of my original 1000 flashdrives I have approximately 700 remaining, and that will be all that I’m able to offer unless God has other plans and leads others to help me continue to duplicate these flash drives. ONLY if God is truly leading you, you can make donations here.

Here’s our “Computer Room” showing the duplication of 10 USB flashdrives (32GB, version 3.0 – which is faster than the 2.0 version)…….10 at a time per computer, being duplicated using the “ACASIS” brand powered USB hub (purchased from Amazon for $69).

There’s 16 ports with individual On/Off switches (blue LED to indicate power status for each port/each USB). The red LED on each flashdrive itself turns off when duplication is finished, at which time you can turn off the power for that specific port and safely remove the flashdrive from the hub. Bottom photo shows that 3 of the flashdrives are almost finished being duplicated.

Each computer has its own powered USB hub, enabling about 50 flashdrives per 1.5 hours being duplicated. Blank, 32GB USB flashdrives costs about $6 each, plus packaging/shipping with a tracking number in the U.S.A. costs about $10 (International shipping is expensive…$39 to the Philippines, and about $45 to Australia).

Request your FREE “Keychain Rapture Kit” 32GB flashdrive (an exact duplicate of the original “Rapture Kit” described at https://rapturekit.org) by clicking here and completing the request form.